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Estate Planning Consulting

In addition to my core services, tax preparation and tax planning services, I can provide you with Estate Planning consultations. I provide you assistance to help you review your assets/financial needs to determine which proffesional would be the best fit for you.

What will an estate plan do for me?
An estate plan will help establish a long term plan for your assets.

In addition to our core services, tax preparation and tax planning services, we can provide you Estate Planning consultations. Estate planning will manage your personal asset base and ensure your assets are bequeathed to your heirs if something were to happen to you. Proper estate planning can also save your loved ones from bearing unnecessary financial burdens. We can help with:
  • Creating a will
  • Setting up trust accounts
  • Limiting estate taxes
  • Establishing a legal guardian for your children
  • Managing your beneficiaries on life insurance plans
  • Establishing funeral arrangements

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